Seeing Jesus in the Storm

Seeing Jesus in the Storm

How do you react when storms come?
It’s tough.

Storms of life often come unexpectedly and they hit hard.
You may be tired and worn out already when the storm hits.

Here’s what is helping me through and I hope it helps you too. :)

First, I really try to stay in God’s word. God wants to comfort and encourage us and I find I get re-energized by spending time reading scripture.

Psalm 57:2-3 says, “I call out to God, the God who holds me together. He sends orders from heaven and saves me. God delivers generous love, he makes good on his word.”

Then, throughout the day, look for those Jesus moments in the midst of the storm. He’s always there. :)

After a long day visiting my Mom at the hospital, I drove my Grandma home. As we arrived back at the house, the usual routine began. I jumped out of the car to grab her walker, unbuckle her out her seat and help her out of the car…then, grab the big step that helps my Grandma into the car and carry all the bags into the house. But the next part really struck both of us. Something wild but cool happened once we got inside. We were both so exhausted yet as soon as we stepped foot in the door, in that moment, suddenly BANG! Suddenly a huge storm came down. Thunder, lightning and torrential rain. The rain was coming down sideways! I suddenly smiled and turned to my Grandma saying, “Grandma…do you see how God protected us? Look at this storm? How cool is that! God is so good.” She smiled right back and said, “Yes, He are right.” And then with a little bit of a song..started singing God is good. The rain kept coming down, but all I kept thinking about is how cool God is and how He had protected both of us from the storm. I knew too He is there to help calm us through the storms of life if we let Him.

Be encouraged today and know, whatever you are going through God is right there with you. Psalm 30:5 says, “Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”

God is bigger than any circumstance we face. God is the God of the impossible and He will see us through!

Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God.

Have hope. Be encouraged today. God is good. He loves you. :)

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I'm just a girl who LOVES God with all her heart and is passionate about making a difference in this world. I love what I do, I love the Mission field and especially helping Haiti...and just want to spread the word that God is real and is so AMAZING! :) There's a lot more about me.....I am a complex creature! lol...but for'll have to find out yourself! We can all make a difference...spread some JOY and light and make someone smile! :)
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